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We would like to introduce Noble Plastic Industries as one of the largest manufacturers of polythene enclosures. We have been in this business since 1974. Our industry has fully equipped machinery, qualified technicians and professional customer support. We manufacture the following in Low Density or Recycled as per customer requirements

  • Air-O-Cushion
  • Anti Static Enclosures
  • VCI Enclosures
  • Stretch- Film
  • Polyenclosures
  • Tubings
  • Sheetings
  • Covers
  • Bopp Tapes
  • P E Foam Sheets
  • Bubble Poly Rolls
Air-O-Cushion :

We have developed a new product “Air-O-Cushion” which can minimize product damage from hazards such as shock, vibration and abrasion during the shipping cycle. Air-O-Cushion is used for packing products like glassware, electronic goods etc.

Anti Static Enclosures:

Noble Plastics produces anti-static enclosures in clear, pink & colored films as well as static shield enclosures in grey. These enclosures will not generate a static charge nor will they attract dust. They can be custom made to your size specifications and printing options making them ideal for use in following applications:


  • To store and package electronic products
  • To store and package electronic parts
  • Computer workstation dust covers
  • Tool enclosures

VCI – Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor enclosures / Sheets:

VCI enclosures offered by us are highly anti-corrosive and protect a range of products comprising of automobile parts, machine tools, fasteners, casting, electrical and electronic components, bearing, gears and many more. They are widely used for exporting ferrous products, mainly due to fact they during their transit, these are exposed to tremendous moisture and humidity. These are available with the following specifications:

  • No need of vacuum packaging
  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous
  • Improved protection from corrosion
  • In varying forms such as enclosures, rolls, sheets, box covers and pallet covers

Stretch- Film :

Stretch film is made of high quality LLDPE, with a high stretching intension, anti- avulsion, transparency and anti- puncture. It has a good shrinking and self-stickiness, which is widely used as a new environmental protection packing material in all over the world.

Application:Stretching film applies to all kinds products’ collecting packing and pallet packing .It can prevent goods falling and collapsing , damp proof , dust proof, stealing proof, quake proof, with a high protection performance. At present , stretch film is widely used in chemical industry, electrical appliance, paper making industry, bottle and jar making industry , metal industry, construction material industry , components for product industry , medicine industry, food and drinks industry and international trade industry etc.

Polyenclosures :

Bottom Seal enclosures are seamless on the sides, have an opening at the top and are sealed at the bottom of the enclosure. Bottom seal enclosures are used for heavy duty applications. They can be custom made to your size specifications, produced with your choice of high-quality material and printing options.

Tubings :

Find high performance plastic tubing for your demanding applications from the experts at Utility Supply. We have a broad range of flexible plastic tubing products, engineered to meet specific user needs, including resistance to chemicals, temperature fluctuations and abrasion, as well as high purity and long service life.

Sheetings :

Helping our customers in selecting the right products for their packaging needs, we offer Polythene Sheets. Qualitatively superior, these are used in a number of industrial and commercial applications and can be customized on the basis of length color and finish.

Covers :

We offer a polyethylene covers that are manufactured from superb raw material and are an ideal medium of protecting various surfaces / products from rust. These easy to use covers also assist in water resistance. We can also customize the covers, as per the specifications of our customers.


BOPP Tapes are specially designed to seal boxes.
Colors available :
Brown & transparent

P E Foam Sheets :

We provide extremely good quality Polyethylene Foam. (PE foam) which is used for packaging of products related to automobile, fishery, building, civil construction, sports, insulation, packing electronic goods and fruits. These foam products are non-cross linked, extruded and cellular that comprise several thermo-chemically expanded closed cells ranging from low density polyethylene resins. Known for their thermal insulation, elasticity and shock absorption capacity, these foam products are made of eco-friendly LPG as a blowing agent. These are also known for their chemical resistance and water and weather proof properties. We have qualified Engineers, Technicians, Quality Controllers, Supervisors as well as Sales and marketing professionals. Our professionals are also provided with appropriate training in their respective discipline to make them aware about the latest market updates.

Bubble Poly Rolls :

We offer premium quality air bubble packaging rolls in different sizes and width. It is Shock resistant and moisture proof packaging material. It is used for the packaging of fragile items which are highly sensitive and more prone to damage. Our air bubble packaging rolls provide complete safety to the packed products and ensure safe delivery of the products. We offer these air bubbles packaging rolls in both standard and customized form as per the clients various packaging requirements. We also manufacture Antistatic Air bubble sheets in various colors.

Other products
Bubble Poly Rolls with Foam Lamination
Bubble Poly Enclosures, sheets as per requirements